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Wow, this is great information and I can see that it took a little time to write.  I greatly appreciate the information that you have given me and just want to say that it is unusual to get great customer service attention of this caliber.  If this was standard customer service the world would certainly be a better place.  You and your Father are some of the most up-beat, positive people I have ever talked to and I appreciate the help and the support.  



Dear Ron,
I just wanted to take a minute and say how much I love ezsitemaster! 
When we started our first business, an online contractor referral service, we didn't have a clue about websites!  Ezsitemaster made everything so easy to set up and manage ourselves, and gave us credibility by looking professional.  ( www.TradeIntegrityResearch.com )
Since that first business, I have set up two more websites through Ezsitemaster!  One is for a business I am raising money for ( www.GrandHavenBB.ezsitemaster.com ) and one is for a non-profit organization I am apart of ( www.supportboe.org ). 
As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I have found EZsitemaster to be invaluable to me, and I recommend it to all my friends, whether they are starting their own business, or have been in business for a while, but have no web presence.  It is quick and easy to set up and I can manage it myself  which gives me the control I need to make my business or projects run smoothly, instead of being at the mercy of a someone else.
Ron and his staff have been friendly and helpful! I highly recommend Ezsitemaster! 
An enthusiastic Ezsitemaster customer,
Erin Morgan

Dear Ron and Trevor,

   This is a short testimonial about how well the website is working.  I started receiving business as soon as it was properly forwarded September 2004 at a rate of three to four jobs a month.  As I added positive reviews on Ethical Services the business increased as more and more people searched by zipcode to find a cleaner and Ethical Services pointed them to my site.  In May 2005 I began radio ads and listed only a web address no phone number.  I had about four hundred hits on my site from Sep 04 to May 05. Since May 05 to today I have had over 2000+

Well, Steve, that's great but what does that mean in business?  The ad paid for itself from day one.  Now it is better than three to one ROI.  We are almost at three weeks for this month and income generated for the ad alone not all internet business is $4200+ which is almost 4 to 1, with a week left.

Advertising on the internet, if done properly, eliminates price shoppers and they call ready to do business on your tertms in your schedule. The website sifts, screens, and sorts on auto.

Steve Borcherdt, owner

A Fresh Clean Look